Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well it's after the Turkey Holiday and my husband and I have successfully survived sharing it with my folks. They are cute, but my dad shares every thought that crosses his mind out loud. I am thankful that they want to brave the drive, which at their age fills me with some anxiety. They have GPS on the cell phone, but that didn't keep them from getting lost at the Ft. Carson entrance attempting to navigate to the Love's outpost and attached restroom on the other side of  I-25.

Husband won his football bets this weekend and is feeling quite fine. I am still preparing for the business trip next weekend and fighting a bad tooth. I just had my teeth cleaned last week, but skipped the checkup as I ran out of insurance in June. Which reminds me - we need health care reform. Have I mentioned that? Put people above profits. It's not going to take anything away from your freedom to make a million dollars a year in your Amway business by ensuring every American gets health care.

Back to cleaning up puke from geriatric cats and enjoying leftover turkey. But not in the same hour.

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