Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interview With John Cole

From a piece by E.D. Kain, John Cole of the blog 'Balloon Juice' speaks of turning from being a Republican in 2003:

And putting aside personal political beliefs, I simply don’t understand how anyone can look back at the two Bush administrations and say, with a straight face, that Gore or Kerry would have been worse. I just don’t. Every single aspect of the last eight years was a complete and total disaster. How could Gore possibly have been worse? Anyone who is still a Republican after eight years of Bush and Cheney is simply a Republican for the rest of their life. Nothing is going to change them.

Something I have to remind myself of in political arguements discourse with my many Repub friends and family. When I hear talking points about 'death panels' or health care as Socialism or Obama is a radicalsecretMuslimterroristcommieabortionist who is taking this country down, I sigh and remember that they have "The Brain Fever". Probably contracted from the sermons they hear at their church.

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