Wednesday, November 25, 2009


One thing about the prairie I must say: consistent pink and gold sunrises, enjoyed with my Former Feral in my lap. I am awaiting the arrival tomorrow of my parents direct (via Chevy Malibu) from the Mile High City to the plains. My husband says he used to fly to Denver for $40, and the parking was free at the Pwello airport, which made it cheaper than driving. Those days are gone. I'd fly my folks down but it's $180 per person for a 40-minute flight. I can make that drive with my eyes closed (not recommended) 20 minutes from downtown Denver to Castle Rock; 15 minutes from Castle Rock to Monument; 15 minutes from there to the Springs; 15 more minutes to Fountain; 30 more to Pwello. Don't forget: the rest stop outside Larkspur is permanently closed. Say hi to the folks at Pinon on your way down.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be mindful of mixing up your relationship to God with your patriotism.

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