Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prairie Life

Cash for Clunkers never made it here. Hundreds of primer-grey autos held together with the mandatory three 'Support Our Troops' stickers and some duct tape. In addition, few seem to understand the rules of a four-way stop. Or merging. Or yielding.
Nice sunrise, beautiful pinks and orange across the eastern view which means towards La Junta. If you squint, you can make out Long's Peak in the distance, if you turn around.
Had lunch with friends at a local, long established diner in the area that specializes in sausage sandwiches and greasy patty melts. And something they call 'Masticoli' which is penne pasta with red sauce and maybe a meatball. The spoons with our large iced teas sprouted somewhere below the fluid line, and so had to be dug out or tea sipped with a straw so as not to damage the teeth.
What's with all the check-writing? And do you really distrust the credit card swipe at the pump so much that you fill up and then stand in line to hand the staff your gas purchase in person? The same reason you refuse direct deposit of your paychecks cuz that's just suspicious.

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