Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Health Care in the World

My massage therapist left his job of 25 years at a hospital for a new career as a massage therapist. Here's his take on health care, as presently experienced by my father in rehab: the system is broken. Not just health insurance, but the entire model of health care delivery. To wit, my father has missed physical therapy because the staff couldn't get him ready in time as an aide decided not to show up that day; it took a week for the kitchen to meet with him to ascertain he could not eat the crap they were serving (he's hypoglycemic, as am I) he has had to catch several medication errors ("Oh, I guess we ARE supposed to get Advil at bedtime, silly me ")he is given stool softeners everyday even though he has had to runs since his surgery 10 days ago. I had the same experience at my last hospitalization, medication errors, medical equipment left in the middle of the floor for the entire time I was there, nurses who didn't speak English ramming my bedside desks up against the wall with the drawers against the wall so I could not access my purse or phone. The nurses fighting over which of them was going to take my flowers home (alerted to me by the janitor). But hey, it's the best health care system in the world, and anything said otherwise is socialism!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!
Oh, did I mention United Health Care just raised my 2010 premium $60 dollars every month? Cuz somebody has to pay for the two lobbyists for every Congressperson and the CEO's $24 million bonus in 2009 and they sure aren't going to pay for that themselves.

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