Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just returned to the Prairie from aging parent duty in Denver. Of course the weather tried to stand in my way but the CDOT app on my new smart phone (My Touch, thank you Whoopie)served me well in my travels (Why is Castle Rock so miserly with the plows?). Husband loves the new Kindle, even thought it arrived a week late and after my departure for Big D emblazoned with "AMAZON.COM' even though I asked for two-day shipping and a 'gift box'. Of course he spent three days alone with it knowing who it was from and that it was lighter than a book would be. So much for a surprise.

But he says he loves it and is not happily digesting a the most recent Steven King novel retailed at $30 at B&N but his for $9.99.

I am happy with my new My Touch, wonderful Ugh slippers and beautiful diamond hoop earrings. I will wrestle the Kindle from him soon enough to catch up on the literary classics I've missed for .99 later.

Elder care is daunting and exhausting. Between trying to get answers about treatment plans, dietary needs and medication errors (my parents are not the most assertive people on earth, cuz taking care of yourself might bother someone) getting the non-hospitalized one groceries, lunch, dinner, shoveling walks, fixing the garage door and computer, deciphering log in passwords left in undecipherable script and watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' in between bites of Village Inn pie and 45-minute monologues waiting for the hairdresser to call back and the walk to be shoveled - well, it's tiring.

But I'm the only surviving offspring and I've got to step up. Family dynamics and dysfunction abound. Happy birthday, Jesus.

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