Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is it getting hotter in this pot, or is it just me?

Brilliant at Breakfast:
 "Conservative so-called 'values' are working exactly as planned: If you choke off education to all but the very wealthy, you create a population that is unable to think critically and has no skills. This makes for people who will accept utter horseshit as just an alternative point of view to factual information, who will believe that despite the preponderance of white males at the head tables of the corporations that actually run things in this country, that whites are being besieged by minorities, who can't handle science that flies in the face of the idea that a man in the sky created earth in six days just as it exists today, and most importantly, who are willing cannon fodder. An uneducated population can't handle information society jobs, which allows those heading the corporations to send them all overseas, to countries where education IS still a priority."

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