Saturday, July 17, 2010

Iz Caturday!

What I know for sure:

Afternoon naps are a must.
Afternoon naps with cats, even better.
Every household should own a Roomba.
If I had unlimited resources I would have a driver on staff. Even for 7-11 trips.
If I had a driver on staff I've have him drive to the 7-11 in Las Vegas.
The word 'awesome' has had its day.
The word 'sucks' is still o.k.
I want to own a set of 1000-count sheets.
Fresh brewed coffee is one of God's finest inventions.
If I had thousands of dollars I would get my nose fixed.
If I had thousands of dollars, I would get my nose fixed in the Bahamas.
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia is their best flavor.
Dick Cheney is still a dick.
If you have skin that tans, nails that grow and a naturally beautiful smile you are way ahead of the game. You might even have a driver already.

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