Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thanks, John Shore

Wow - my 5:30 A.M. ramblings on one of my new favorite blogs, posted my comment and I feel like I won an Oscar.

Let me clarify: I did not intend to be snarky towards fundamentalists. Heck, I am one. I am snarky towards legalism, the spirit of religiosity and Christian-ism. The good news is that the Lord brought me out of that. And that's another post...


  1. Your comment/post didn't read as if you were being snarky toward fundamentalists. That's why I liked it, and used it as I did. Good job!

  2. Thank you, John. What is appropriate in the blogisphere for thanks? Starbucks card?

    We come from completely different backgrounds and it might be interesting to compare. I really was in a Christian cult group, straight out of Bob Jones U.

  3. Yeah, Starbucks cards. Cash. Whatever.

    If you've ever written about your past anywhere on your blog, point me toward it. (What operation did you have, if that's not too personal a question.)

  4. Wow, I found your replay! I don't have a permanent post on my blog yet. It's turning into a book which I doubt you have time to read. I will send you a summary suitable for latte-sipping.

    Your post on emotional abuse is excellent, by the way. One of the hallmarks of the super-fundie-severely-Christian experience is emotionally abusive leadership.



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