Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin, and the fight over free speech - Yahoo! News

I listen to Dr. Laura (here on the Prairie it's her radio show or six hours of Lush Limpball) and I like her cut-to-the-chase style. Her book, Care and Feeding of Husbands is not one I've read but I'll bet you a mosque in Brooklyn it is the 2001 version of The Sensuous Woman given to me as a teenager (and inappropriate for a 14-year-old, BTW). Greet your husband at the door in cling wrap while the gourmet dinner you've prepared is ready in the oven. In references to that book and her philosophy with reflected with her callers is that if your husband is unhappy, it's because you're bitchy.

And actually, I see her point. Too often, however, that 'the husband is King' approach allows domineering or emotionally abusive men to further indulge their narcissism and ignore the needs of their wives and children. Seen it first hand.

Of course, if you're a woman you need to just suck it up, 'cuz Eve ate the apple, that's why.

I was truly appalled a few months back when an adult female caller described her father hitting her. If I remember correctly, her father's behavior had been changing lately. Dr. Laura said "What did you say to make him do that?" in a tone where you could hear the eye roll over the radio. "So he slapped you", she continued in a belittling manner, and the caller stammered, "No, it wasn't a slap - he hit me with his fist" to which Dr. Laura asked again what the caller had said to provoke the abuse. The caller had started to criticize her father, and Dr. L pounced on that "Of course he hit you! He's stressed and your making him feel unappreciated! You were being a bitch!"

My mouth fell open. I worried about the affect of this advice on the caller and all the other listeners. Of course, I'm a Liberal, so in Laura's world that makes me a wishy-washy troop-hating activist bleeding heart that can't handle the truth.

See the link below for why Dr. Laura's First Amendment rights aren't being violated. Caribou Barbie doesn't get it either, another reason I cringe that this woman has a following.

Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin, and the fight over free speech - Yahoo! News

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