Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you are over 40 and let go in the down turn, resign yourself to that fact that life may never be the same. Banks aren't lending money to refinance your house, even though they've got the cash. Big business isn't hiring, even though they've got the cash. Health insurance companies are covering less, and raising rates, even though they've got the cash. Republicans in Congress want to keep higher income brackets tax-free, even though they've got the cash.

This isn't about the 'redistribution of wealth' It's about noticing that the game is in the favor of the 'haves', not the 'have nots'. I don't want what you've earned, or own; I don't want you getting richer at my expense.

Stop voting for the folks whose patriotic empty jargon tricks you  into believing they are on your side. They are on the side of the corporation who will stuff the most cash in their pockets.

Op-Ed Columnist - Defining Prosperity Down - NYTimes.com: "Yes, growth is slowing, and the odds are that unemployment will rise, not fall, in the months ahead. That’s bad. But what’s worse is the growing evidence that our governing elite just doesn’t care — that a once-unthinkable level of economic distress is in the process of becoming the new normal." (h/t Americablog)

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