Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post-Caturday blogging

Endless blue sky and as green as it gets here on the prairie. 'Stomp On', the pre-party to the Colorado State Fair was Friday. A woman was hit by a car crossing I-25 at 12:45 a.m., while dressed all in black. Escapee from the state police still at large, as far as I know, but at least not hiding out in my garage. That I know. The contract for one of the largest oil fields in Iraq went to...wait for it...Halliburton. The Million Moron March was held in Washington yesterday, with all the meaningless jargon to fire up the Hover-round crowd you could hope for. And by that I mean Caribou Barbie spoke. Cuz it was billed as a non-political event, don't cha know.  And to the attendees with the 'Got enough hope and change yet?" t-shirts, the answer is, no, not nearly enough. When I get a real public option for health insurance, when you don't have to go bankrupt from medical expenses even when you have insurance, when the Republicons in the Senate stop pandering to big corporate interests and stop trying to take my Social Security away, when the Tea baggers wake up and realize the redistribution of wealth already occurred with the Bush tax cuts, and they aren't in on the action, when the Supreme Court takes back it's Citizens United decision to allow corporations to spend as much on campaigns as they want, when the lower and middle classes realize they are footing the bill and being squeezed by their corporate masters and revolt, then I might have had enough. Right now I'm still hoping for a lot more change.

And the kitties are hoping for a little more sun and a lot more Fancy Feast. Right after their third nap.

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