Monday, September 27, 2010

Ah, Civilization!

Day run to Denver yesterday to see the Bronco Game. Light rail to McCormick's for pre-game mussels and fish and chips, and onto Invesco Field (still referred to by us natives as 'Mile High') to watch Indy beat Denver under a searing sun. Not a cloud in the sky, no breeze, 5280 miles high and 108 on the field. Twenty minutes after kick-off had me and a friend running for cover inside the stadium. It. Was. Hot.

After missing Denver scoring after the half, we ventured back where the young man next to me took over half my seat with his knees and shouted inane stuff down to the field. Several guys behind me talked non-stop about dates, bad calls, and some screed about AT&T for us all to share. The ads on the screen in between action on the field seemed to generate the most comment from the crowd. One middle-aged fat guy in front of me yelled his disapproval of some campaign to go green, wondering how they could afford to advertise, and something else about energy. Fat 35-year-olds, Bud in hand, hat on head, unhappy with their job at Auto Zone and their family life in Arvada can always be counted on to the the most vocal proponents of the Teabagger talking points at gaming events. And thanks for that.

Light rail back to our car (a trip where I had to assure three drunk friends that I really did know where the "C" line took us) we stopped at the Blue Star in the Springs for a peppered beef tips with blue cheese and mashers, french onion soup, and a look around their wine/cellar tasting room, set for a party of 12.

I have to get to Denver more often as after 16 months on the Prairie it's starting to feel like a special trip to the Big City instead of my home for most of my life. Mountains! Vegetation! Mass Transit! Two new 5-star hotels! Tons of homeless people and the usual assortment of plain crazy ones.

That said, Dems never to hit the tax cuts and facts about health care hard to the voters. And as expected, Big Business is throwing money at the Republicons; show some Democratic organizations a little love with a $5, $10 or $20 at Act Blue,, Progressives for Change and the like.

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