Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Because He Cares About the American People

Goldman Sachs, UPS, Google, Citigroup, all in the back pocket of our Favorite Pumpkin-colored Republicon:

WTF Is It Now?!?: "They have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaigns, provided him with rides on their corporate jets, socialized with him at luxury golf resorts and waterfront bashes and are now leading fund-raising efforts for his Boehner for Speaker campaign, which is soliciting checks of up to $37,800 each, the maximum allowed.

Boehner continues to travel to golf destinations on a corporate-subsidized tab, though now it is paid for through his political action committee, the Freedom Project. In the last 18 months, it has spent at least $67,000 at the Ritz-Carlton Naples in Florida, at least $20,000 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Va., and at least $29,000 at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio for fund-raising events."

Yea, let's vote againist our own interests in November:

The whole New York Times article here:

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