Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dollar 'Whee!' and more excitement

Big doin's on the Prairie: a brand new larger Dollar Tree around the corner from the old one in Regency Square. Although there is a dearth of decent shopping and variety in vendors, at least we have the one place that I used to shop to stretch my budget but now as become a necessity for myself and the other patrons. The traffic has picked up (and it's such an annoying, goofy parking lot anyway, what with all those older vets meandering over the ridiculously high speed bumps to access the Office Depot, America's Best Contacts, Verizon, the inexpensive nail salon or new $1 item at Taco Bell. All in the same block.

Note the busy parking lot and the truck with the two "Support Our Troops" stickers, as required by the Pueblo City Council back in 2002:

And here's the sun-drunk cat you missed on Caturday:

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