Thursday, September 30, 2010


So KOAA News First is promising me that they will be balanced and let me make my decisions based on their fairness in reporting, because I've placed my trust in them by watching. Actually I watch because Georgiann "Limber" Lymberopoulos is remembered fondly by people I'm fond of because they partied with her at a "B" Street Bash years ago. And she's real purty. 

I've called KOAA twice to complain in the past about Rob Quirky's  Quirk's editorializing during a broadcast. My finger's on redial, Rob.  I can forgive the freckles now that you're in High-Def (we all have a little sun damage) and you really do seem to be choosing your words more carefully and taking the objective high road.

Does this affect my chances for linking to their website?

KOAA - Colorado Springs & Pueblo

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