Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barking Prairie Dog Awards

A little glitch in the Pueblo Council 30 years ago resended the law against exchanging money for sex which they quickly made illegal again, as David ("lisp? what lisp?") Ortiz at NewsFirst5 tells me. And all this time I've been trying to get that minimum wage position at Wendy's.

Baby tumbleweeds are in season and blowing into our garage, much to the delight of formerly-feral cat, Skeeter. For some reason, he finds them the perfect breakfast treat.

A Barking Prairie Dog award to Andrea of "Clean Jeans and Coffee Beans" at 323 W. Northern. Go show her some suds and love. Pick up a latte and listen to the Native American Drum Circle while you're at it.

Michael Bennet was the last vote yes for "Obamacare"? Oh, the humanity! You've got my vote, dude, and no bitching about how Health Insurance Reform did not go far enough. Have a Barking Prairie Dog award, and thank youfor responding to my atta-boy phone calls.

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