Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Con is on

260fv45Your Orange Overlord

Or perhaps I should say the con is off. It worked. No surprise, I blame Obama for not yelling louder than the Repub party. 95% of us got a tax break last year. The stimulus worked for those who needed more time to find a job, and a 75% reduction in the cost of Cobra. A $8000 credit for first-time home buyers (gladly taken by a co-worker that year, the same woman who proclaimed to us when Obama was elected that “now our taxes are going up”). Health Insurance Reform that doesn’t do much, but does require insurers spend 80% of their income on your care, not amassing huge profits and giving more millions to the CEO’s while increasing your premiums and denying you coverage – coverage that you pay for every month. The only industry in the U.S. currently not subject to anti-trust laws. Your new overlord has promised to repeal it.

You think they’re concerned about the deficit? Where have you been for the past nine years? The Repubs in Congress continued to fund two wars while keeping the cost off the books and borrowing from China. Any objection to the cost and you were labeled as hating the troops.

And the bank bail out? TARP stalled for a day in Congress – remember, gentle reader, this was during the Bush Administration – because two Democratic members had the anti-patriotic gall to question how we were going to fund it. Luckily the Banksters went without bonuses to pay the taxpayers back…oh, wait….

They are for deregulation. My friend complained the other day that you couldn’t trust what was in your food (especially after the Repubs watered down the authority of the FDA during the Bush years) and why wasn’t somebody in government watching that for us? Who did they vote for last Tuesday?

They want to do away with ‘entitlement’ programs. One couple I know on Social Security complained that they weren’t getting a cost of living increase this year and “the government better do something”. Who did they vote for? The Repubs who have promised to privatize it. To give the funds you’ve paid into over the year to the Banksters so you can watch it dissolve like the 401K you used to live on, but isn’t enough anymore since the crash, so thank God for Social Security. Oh, wait…

They don’t believe that global warming is man-made. Cuz that would hurt poor corporations, having to be more responsible for their damage and stuff. Look at what that nasty government made B.P. do – be held responsible for their actions and all.

You can continue to vote for the biggest shouters, the loudest guys in the room because they use empty phrases and meaningless jargon to get you to vote against your own best interests. John Boehner is not for you. He is for the corporations that fund him now and he will do their bidding as their lobbyist when he’s done shedding crocodile tears and trashing your future.  It’s the American Way.

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