Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prairie News and Beyond

I just got back from a lovely trip to Vail. To get there, a mad dash to Denver before the snow hit on Monument and speeding to make a 5:30 P.M. deadline to get to Castle Rock with enough lights on I-25 before my night-blindness kicked in. Another trip to make me ask, if you live in Colorado, why would you park your RV on the Prairie?

Big news on our return: some First News at Five Looking out for Accurate and Balanced Coverage reports that a neighborhood in the Springs is all atwitter since cops are looking for a big meth house. Or something.

Penfield man dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in home - "The teens also told authorities that the family had a fire in a fireplace the previous evening, he said. They also told deputies that two carbon monoxide detectors had sounded Monday evening, but that the family was not clear at the time why the detectors were sounding and removed them from the house, Helfer said."
h/t Balloon Juice

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