Saturday, January 15, 2011

High-Speed Rail in America

The Republicons are planning on walking back plans for high-speed rail in the U.S., - you know, a project that would benefit We the People and provide for the common good but might interfere with their no-taxes-for the-Super-Rich agenda - but I am still hopeful it will come to pass. The ability to work in Denver while living on the Prairie without a 105-minute commute including a mountain pass treacherous in winter ("winter" on Monument being any month but August) makes my feet do a little happy dance.

I know - it's just a pipe dream right now, if it ever comes to pass it will be just in time for me to board the train for the funerals of friends that will occurring weekly in 20 years - but think of the growth! P-towners could work, shop, eat, play easily in a Real City With Real Stuff. Ok, most Pwello natives will still not venture any farther north than Fountain, but Denverites could zip down for a taste, the biggest pitstop on the Prairie before Taos, N.M. And tumbleweeds.

High-Speed Rail in America - America 2050: "The 56-page study, entitled, 'High-Speed Rail in America,' cites ridership potential as the number one factor in determining if a corridor is suitable for investment, identifies the specific conditions that generate ridership demand, and scores each corridor according to strength in those areas. The top performing corridors in each region determined to have the greatest potential demand for high-speed rail ridership include corridors such as: New York-Washington, DC; Chicago-Milwaukee; Los Angeles-San Diego; Tampa (via Orlando) to Miami; Dallas-Houston; Atlanta-Birmingham; Portland-Seattle; and Denver-Pueblo."
Oh please, oh please....

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