Monday, February 7, 2011

44 - Palin event canceled due to 'an onslaught of personal attacks'

Oooooookayyyy…..the last I lived in Denver, it was in Glendale. Glendale – home of the only Super Target in the state that can sell liquor and the infamous gentleman’s club, Shotgun Willie’s. It’s about three miles square, a tiny city between Colorado Blvd and Alameda. Smack in the middle of Denver, it bears no distinction from Denver except a small ‘Glendale” sign hard by the Last Hamburger Stand and a dogged determination never to incorporate. Rugged individualists, these Glendale folks.  Looks just like Denver, except the two police cars are a different color. Couldn’t tell you where the ‘Infinity Park’ rec center is, as Glendale has but one park over on Holly and it’s Friends of Some Polish City Park.
If the Rec Center they speak of is the one next to the Glendale Po-lice station where the jailed get their one-hour recreational basketball time, then this cancellation is a no-brainer. There were no personal attacks, Caribou Barbie’s handlers discovered that she would be speaking to a small group of WWII vets under a tent on the banks of Cherry Creek Drive South complete with coffee and chocolate cake before the vets boarded the express bus to gamble at Blackhawk.

44 - Palin event canceled due to 'an onslaught of personal attacks'

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