Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Thing He Couldn’t Get the Lid off the Pepper Spray

We really need to remain calm. Sheesh.

ABC News’ Suzan Clarke and Alyssa Newcomb report:

Safeway has fired the security guard who interrogated a 4-year-old girl for alleged shoplifting after he saw her eat from a bag of apricots and put the bag back on the shelf.

The girl’s father apparently hadn’t noticed what his daughter had done and was taken aback when he was stopped by security on his way out of the Everett, Wash., store.

The guard then interrogated Savannah Harp, 4.

The girl’s mother, Alissa Jones, said the guard proceeded to tell Harp’s father that the tot was banned from the store and that it would be pressing charges.

“He told them, ‘Your daughter stole and she’s banned from the store, and we’re pressing charges. And she needs to sign this form saying she understands she can’t come into any Safeways,’” Jones said, according to ABC News Seattle affiliate KOMO 4 News.

Savannah, who can’t read or write yet, was forced to scribble on the piece of paper.

“It’s pretty troubling. It’s not like she even knows what she was doing,” Jones said.”

Safeway Security Guard Fired After Interrogating Girl; Company Faced Criticism for Similar Incident | ABC News - Yahoo!

Rockwell pepper spray

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pueblo Christmas Extravaganza

Residents of Pitstop: jump in that 1978 primer gray Dodge Dart with your three "Support Our Troops" stickers holding your bumper in place and tool down to the Riverwalk for the Christmas Parade of Lights KOAA is touting as an Extravaganza! No speeding.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Early Caturday

Because you love the cat postings.

Happy Fangsgibing

And Pizza is a Vegetable

Making the rounds on Fox “News”: what’s so bad about pepper spray? It’s essentially a condiment, amirite? And that campus is full of Liberals, anyway.

“The main study cited by law enforcement agencies to support using pepper spray is apparently tainted by a conflict of interest on the part of an FBI agent who conducted the research.

The pepper spray study was conducted in the late 1980s by FBI Special Agent Thomas W.W. Ward at the FBI academy in Virginia outside Washington, D.C. But Ward did not disclose at the time that he had accepted $57,000 from a pepper spray manufacturer that was laundered through a Florida company owned by his wife, Sheri.

On Friday, Ward was sentenced to two months in federal prison after he had earlier pleaded guilty to federal charges of accepting an illegal gift.” (h/t Pupienus)

Pepper spray study is tainted | Full Page


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Friday, November 11, 2011


Joe Paterno Fired For Real This Time,
A.K.A. ‘Scapegoated’ In Moron Talk –

(some words NSFW)

November 10th, 2011 // 190 Comments

Joe Paterno

Mike McQueary

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“You saw 10-year-olds raped in the shower? — Ah, well. So, listen, on this next play…”

While Photo Boy stuffs the site full of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show pics, let’s take a minute to check in on ol’ Joe Paterno who announced his retirement yesterday and planned to finish the rest of the season except Penn State’s board of trustees had other plans and fired him effective immediately along with Penn State president Graham Spanier at 10 p.m. last night. And because we live in the greatest country on earth where football is basically religion now, a riot broke out in downtown State College by a bunch of jackasses who think sports are more important than making a growing list of child rapist enablers pay for being.. well, child rapist enablers. Except that dumb wasn’t contained to just Happy Valley, and if you’re like me you were slapped in the face on Facebook or Twitter with football worshipers acting like Joe Paterno was innocently nailed to a cross like Christ himself. So let’s address some of the more prevalent horseshit lines coming out of this thing, and keep in mind these are actual defenses I’ve heard from friends:

“Joe Paterno is a scapegoat!”
Yes, because clearly Joe Paterno is the only person suffering any consequences for this whole debacle, and he’s not one of at least five people as of this post either fired and/or arrested. That was just a mirage.

“If you’re yelling more loudly for Joe Paterno to be fired than for Jerry Sandusky to be strung up by his balls, you’re an idiot.”
This one boggles the mind and I saw this one repeatedly. Apparently if you support Joe Paterno being fired for letting this happen in his house, you’re sitting back going, “Now that Sandusky fellow, he’s alright…” Incredible logic.

“Why is no one calling for Mike McQueary to be fired?!”
You have to admire the simpletons that try to turn this into an either/or situation thanks to a brain mushified from watching men in tights move a ball down a field four hours on end. You can want Paterno fired AND McQueary fired at the same time. (I just blew your mind, I know.) They should both go down, especially McQueary who apparently sees kids being raped and doesn’t go, “Hey, stop raping that kid.” How do you even justify that? “Well, your honor, the old guy might accidentally bump into my pants with his naked erection. My hands were tied.”

“We just sacrificed an old man for a witch hunt. That’s what our society has come to.”
If holding every complicit motherfucker who let kids get raped to protect the reputation of a goddamn sports team accountable is a witch hunt, give me a Pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish.

“But Joe Paterno’s legacy! Sixty years of coaching and this is going to be how he’s remembered?”
Kids. Got. Raped. Apparently that’s not as important as making sure a guy who devoted decades to a meaningless game is remembered as a dear, sweet grandfather type and not as an egomaniacal, good old boy who decided to quietly treat child rape like people in the 1950s treated spousal abuse to protect his “legacy.” Seriously, just fuck your hero worship. Right in the butt.

“I feel bad for Joe PA. Oh, and it’s a shame about the kids.”
Look back through your Facebook and/or Twitter feed and notice how many times you see that statement with the part about the kids added as an afterthought. “No, not the football coach! — Oh, right, those kids. I guess they kind of got it bad, too.” Priorities, America haz them.

I could go on and on with this, but bottom line, Joe Paterno was one of many, many people who covered up child rape to protect a fucking sports team and, surprise, he made himself the face of Penn State football, so of course he’s going to be the biggest target. That’s the price of a “legacy.” And if you’re looking at this situation going, “But he won so many games!” you’re part of the problem, I hope a professional athlete rapes your kid so I can go, “But look at those Super Bowl rings!” And I’m serious, you better tell me if it happens.

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Dear Penn State Rioters

Go, World O’ Crap:

This is All I Have to Say About That

“Dear Penn State rioters:

If you can put "child rape" and "winning college football games" on the Scales of Justice, and football wins, then you're exactly the kind of person who ought to spend your professional life weighing a witch and a duck'”

Click for the whole post: World O' Crap: This is All I Have to Say About That


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U Alive?

Because the cat posts always get the biggest hits. You’re welcome.



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