Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Obamacare is good for America - The Denver Post

Tell me again how going to the E.R. is a good option for the uninsured…

“People without public or private insurance coverage are costly to all of us. In a familiar mechanism called "cost-shifting," hospitals charge higher rates for services to those with insurance in order to offset the losses from uncompensated emergency department care. Insurers raise rates to cover the cost of inflated bills, and the uninsured and underinsured are sent to collection agencies and/or forced into bankruptcy. Companies respond by scaling back on or eliminating health care benefits for their employees, and more Coloradans fall from the insured universe.”

All the benefits laid out nicely here:

Why Obamacare is good for America - The Denver Post

Prairie Dog

One Barking Prairie Dog award to the Post for making this the headline.

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