Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brilliant at Breakfast and All Other Times

Jill nails it again:

“What Americans DO know is what the government spends on Social Security and Medicare, but as stupid and self-sabotaging as average Americans have become, they haven't become THAT stupid and self-sabotaging. And when Republicans continue to insist that tax increases are off the table at the same time that corporations are paying little or no taxes AND getting refunds on taxes they didn't pay, they are not going to get Americans to agree with cuts to Social Security and Medicare. When Republicans continue to insist that tax cuts to the wealthiest people create jobs after the tax cuts instituted by George W. Bush at the same time as he was spending us into oblivion on two futile wars have been in place for a decade and there are still no jobs, they are not going to get Americans to agree with cuts to Social Security and Medicare”: (read the whole thing here) Brilliant at Breakfast: Where no one cashes in on unpaid writers


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank Your Orange Overlord


The House Republican budget would leave up to 44 million more low-income people uninsured as the federal government cuts states' Medicaid funding by about one-third over the next 10 years, nonpartisan groups said in a report issued Tuesday.

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AMERICAblog News


A few months after Tora Bora, as part of the preparation for war in Iraq, the Bush administration pulled out many of the Special Operations and CIA forces that had been searching for bin Laden in Afghanistan, according to several U.S. officials who served at the time.
Even the drones that U.S. forces depended on to track movements of suspicious characters in the Afghan mountain passes were redeployed to be available for the Iraq war, Lt. Gen. John Vines told The Washington Post in 2006. Once, when Vines’s troops believed they were within half an hour of catching up to bin Laden, the general asked for drones to cover three possible escape routes. But only one drone was available — others had been moved to Iraq. The target got away.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011



“Think about where we are now: deficts as far as the eye can see -- deficits that the very people who used to wear 9/11 around their necks as "wingnut whistles" until a black Democratic president succeeded where THEIR guy failed (or didn't even try, as he ADMITTED barely six months after the attacks, when a visit to lower Manhattan still resulted in burning eyes) now insist have to be paid on the backs of the old and the poor. Think about the cost of two wars, one of which was sold to Americans as being for their safety when it had nothing to do with that. Think about the money shoveled into the pockets of Halliburton executives (including those of the then-Vice President) and other contractors -- unaccountable money resulting from no-bid contracts. Think about the spending for security theatre; for beefed-up patrols, for x-ray scanners at airports designed to make Americans accept being treated like criminals so that they can "feel safe." Think of the society we live in now as a result of a few hundred thousand dollars of expense by a guy who's essentially no different from Paris Hilton, except Paris Hilton buys chihuahuas and lends her name to perfume and likes to go to parties instead of pretending to be a holy man while living in a mansion and cynically recruiting the phony tough and the crazy brave to kill themselves for Allah.”

read the whole thing: Brilliant at Breakfast: Where no one cashes in on unpaid writers


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