Saturday, June 26, 2010

Down South

I know, I don't post enough about the Southern Colorado environs. Let's see....we joined the Pueblo Athletic Club for the pleasures of the outdoor salt water pool. I admit, I am impressed by that salt water thing. The indoor pool and hot tub are also salt water. The outdoor pool is nice, not crowded, the snack shop could use a little direction on the gastronomical end, but it offers simple pool food that Puebloans expect for very little money Except the PB&J, which listed for $295. I don't know if that was a joke at $295.00, or it really is the most expensive menu item at $2.95.

In nearby environs: Colorado Springs is suffering the effects of that insufferable Douglas Bruce and the lack of tax revenues are drying up the grass, flowers and trees planted in various medians of that Fair City. You get what you pay for, people. Hope you enjoy your big 'tax break' brought to you by a 60-year-old closeted juvenile who lives in his mother's basement and has anger and authority issues.

Teabaggers also had a rousing meeting in Colorado Springs, commanding about 17 folks. The spokesperson on my local channel talked about making people aware of the freedoms they are losing (didn't elaborate on that - outside of the Bush Patriot act and warrantless wiretapping, what other freedoms am I losing?), the medium camera shots of the predictably misspelled signs about Obama being an islamoabortionististmarxist commiestalanist, nothing to see here. All the same slogans and meaningless jargon. I wish these people would start protesting the GoBP as they should.

There are several July 4th parties coming up this week and a Farmer's Market on Thursday. Heading to Denver for the first time in awhile the week of the 4th.

I read that BP has purchased 32 of the reclamation machines built by Kevin Costner and his brother.  Which reminds me: Kick "Dick" Cheney is hospitalized this weekend. I hope he's o.k. It would be a shame for him to pass on before he has that come-to-Jesus meeting he so sorely needs for screwing this country in so many ways. Good luck with that, Dick.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sadly, No! » Deep Thoughts

Sirius Lunacy said,"Shorter GO(B)P. If you are a criminal because you illegally crossed the border to try to find a job and put food on the table and perhaps take away one American job, then you should be arrested and persecuted to the full extent of the law and then some. If you are a criminal because you killed 11 people and put thousands of Americans out of a job because the record breaking profits you are already making are just not enough, then you should be rewarded and encouraged to repeat that behavior."
June 18, 2010 at 18:47

"We don't need no stinkin' regulation!"

Renegade Refiner: OSHA Says BP Has “Systemic Safety Problem” - The Center for Public Integrity

You Should Totally Apologize to BP

"Republican Joe Barton, who accused the White House Thursday of a 20 billion "shakedown" of BP is the biggest recipient of oil and gas money in the House of Representatives." - Reuters.
1.7 million, to be exact.
Former oil company consultant.
I watched that little speech, but more amusing was the classic Repub 'non-apology-apology' where he says he is sorry if anyone misconstrued his words.
No misunderstanding here, Joe as I am fluent in English and we have these new things called 'cameras' and 'video' and 'microphones'.
Luckily, we have this new thing called the intertubes where all us Real 'Murkins can express our heartfelt apologies to poor BP:

You Should Totally Apologize to BP

Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP's Daily Tally: $17.5 Million for Gulf Oil Spill, $93 Million in Profits

But installing emergency shut-off valves would have cost half a million apiece. Oh, wait, Darth Cheney said you didn't have to.
"Won't someone think of the corporations?" (sobs into beer).

BP's Daily Tally: $17.5 Million for Gulf Oil Spill, $93 Million in Profits

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

GOP Congressman on Gulf oil leak: 'not an environmental disaster'

Don't be fooled, the latest Stupid Repub talking this past week has been that the oil spill is 'an act of God'. Because the great hearted, kindly oil companies wouldn't ever put profits before people. That's why that had all those emergency shut-off valves in place....oh, wait...

And Congress critters are never in bed with these kindly Big Oil folks..

AMERICAblog News: GOP Congressman on Gulf oil leak: 'not an environmental disaster'


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