Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Movie Review

The mailbag includes Netfix arrivals on an almost daily basis, and most of the time that's just fine with us. During the extended school Christmas vacation time for my husband results in us indulging in a visit to The Only Movie Theater in Pueblo to see an early showing of some cinema treat. Earlier this year it was 'The Hangover" a truly funny movie we shared with one other theater patron. This break it was "Invictus" and last week, "It's Complicated".

Now, I love me some Morgan Freeman. For years I'm been saying he deserved an Oscar - for Best Actor, not just Best Supporting, so I was looking forward to seeing what has been touted as most likely a long-deserved nomination for him. A great story highlighting the true story of a most amazing man. Could. Not. Miss. Except it did.

Everyone in the business will argue with me, but what a poorly made film. Halfway through I realized I was bored, watching the three scenes where Freeman, as Mandela, shakes hands with every man on the team. Then I started focusing on Freeman's paralyzed left hand, trying to ignore it like the elephant in the living room. I started to wonder which was worse - the direction or editing. After an hour of boredom at the inability for these people to tell a story with any dramatic action, I got angry. I turned to my husband as the credits started to roll and remarked "whoever directed this crap should be shot" when Clint Eastwood's name appeared as said villain. My mouth fell open. Clint? The guy who's good at directing? Yikes. Awful job.

Which brings us to the next Pueblo Theater adventure, "It's Complicated". The crowd laughed so loudly at some of the lines I couldn't hear the payoffs. What a delightful film, full of older, weathered, some paunchy actors who look just me. With Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin (Alec - if my husband should pass away in the next 25 years, call me) and Steve Martin, what's not to like? I loved that a romantic comedy was made with people over the age of 50 and the other viewers might have agreed as the theater was nicely close to full in the middle of the afternoon.

Alec Baldwin looks at Meryl's character with such love and longing (I'm not kidding, Alec, call me) it was touching and wonderful to think he wants to see this woman naked and she's not Megan Fox.

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