Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Jill Said

From the brilliant Jill:

The reason this matters now is that the America of Republicans is starting to take shape, and it is an ugly one indeed. It is an America in which angry people frightened about their futures applaud a man who boasts about the number of people in his state who have received the death penalty. It is an America in which it is better to see two or ten or a hundred innocent men be put to death by the state than to risk one guilty one receiving clemency. It is an America in which Republicans would rather a million children to go hungry than for one child to receive a meal to which he is not entitled because his mother makes fifty cents more than the cutoff for aid. It is an America in which the elderly should live in poverty rather than people who have more money than they can spend in 100 lifetimes pay one penny more in taxes.

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