Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And Pizza is a Vegetable

Making the rounds on Fox “News”: what’s so bad about pepper spray? It’s essentially a condiment, amirite? And that campus is full of Liberals, anyway.

“The main study cited by law enforcement agencies to support using pepper spray is apparently tainted by a conflict of interest on the part of an FBI agent who conducted the research.

The pepper spray study was conducted in the late 1980s by FBI Special Agent Thomas W.W. Ward at the FBI academy in Virginia outside Washington, D.C. But Ward did not disclose at the time that he had accepted $57,000 from a pepper spray manufacturer that was laundered through a Florida company owned by his wife, Sheri.

On Friday, Ward was sentenced to two months in federal prison after he had earlier pleaded guilty to federal charges of accepting an illegal gift.” (h/t Pupienus)

Pepper spray study is tainted | Full Page


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