Sunday, August 9, 2015

I kid, I kid..

I kid, I don't really hate my blog. I haven't had a laptop for over a year, and iPad is not that friendly with my posts. Plus Twink is crawling all over my lap as I type and my borrowed laptop is only 32-bit.

Several new blogs I've been following - Grace for My Heart, Defeating the Dragons, Slacktivist and Progress, Not Perfection. Put Patheos in your Favorites - you can choose any channel from Evangelical to Progressive to Wicca, but you should go there.

Here's a reminder for those Reagan Worshippers out there:

And something I've seen firsthand in 'free' labor from inmates at work. The cost and length of time to be served seemed out of control.  This could be any of us in the future:

And I'm very encouraged by these organizations ministering to families in danger and rescuing the pets as well:

As a former and current government employee I like the call and response of this list:

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