Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Sick of This Dick

from Balloon Juice:

"It’s official!
by DougJ
Dick Cheney is still vice-president. We have two now.

In the run-up to the Iraq war, Dick Cheney’s appearance on Sunday morning shows was coordinated with stenography in the New York Times. Now it’s coordinated with stenography in Politico. The more things change…
Update. Comment #3 on this Politico piece (h/t demo woman):

It is not Cheyney who is rewriting OUR History, it is the Blacks and the Liberal Murdering Professors! The BLACKS lay claims to; Finding America, Winning the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, all of the Wars after that. They have Invented every good thing known to man. Have a MONTH just for them. Their own Beauty Contest, Racist Organizations set aside, for which my taxes go. Yet as we look around the Globe, at Africa, and every Black Ruled territory, they are stuck in the stone age. So, go ahead and rewrite it. We know the truth, and we know about the Muslims and Blacks!!"

The comment above is typical of frothing Villagers, so will go uncommented upon.

Why do news shows continue to invite Halliburton Hal onto their shows? Have you ever seen another former V.P. injecting himself into the conversation after his tenure as this one? Some of the American people know what you did, Dick "dick" Cheney. You just don't want the others to find out - or understand the ramifications. Go count the millions you made as former CEO of Halliburton before the taxpayers bailed you out by placing your 'only company able to do the job' mercenaries in the middle of a war we were lied into.  Your salary was deferred until after your reign as V.P. You still held your shares in a company that saw stock value rise 3003% in 2006. Comparisons to Darth Vader are apt. Five deferments because you had 'other priorities' when you could have served in Vietnam but you put yourself out as soooo concerned about keeping Americans terrified homeland security.

This is why you don't want the Underwear bomber to appear in a civil court. Too many war crimes to be revealed. Oh, and isn't it interesting that they got so much info from the suspect without water boarding. After he was Mirandized.

Thank God you have your lifetime, Government-funded cadillac health insurance, or your heart might not be beating with those pre-existing conditions and all. The only proof you have a heart is that the 'liberal' media reported it was operated on. Four times. And why have you arranged for your daughter to appear on all the Sunday morning talking heads so often? I mean the not-lesbian one. And why not the lesbian one?

Oh, right - she probably wisely keeps her distance from you.

I believe we will all appear before the judgment seat of Christ - and we all have a ton to answer for - but I'm looking forward to your turn at desperately trying to buy a vowel.


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