Saturday, July 9, 2011

I See Where This is Going

Just returned from Cancun, a wonderful experience I refused to let be marred by the ridiculous TSA procedures put in place by the scared soccer moms who voted Republican because they thought they'd keep us safer.

Leaving the Springs was typical; every bag was searched, every nook, cranny and flip-flop was scanned, x-rayed or patted. Entering Mexico was a three-hour wait of long, snaking lines to get to customs, then longer, curvy lines to have every single bag x-rayed and some (lucky us) chosen for a search before we could leave the airport.

The Cancun airport was much easier to leave, a helpful porter carried our bags right from the curb and into line (sorry that our last 50 pesos went to the van driver, kind sir). The people behind us told of the security people who tossed all the liquids from their checked baggage; the family traveling behind them lost every full-size liquid personal care item for a family of seven in their checked baggage as well. No explanation forthcoming, just "you are not allowed this".

The security line could not have been shorter or quicker, and glory be, I've loved the sign instructing me "Do Not Remove Your Shoes". Remove my laptop? Check. Remove my coat? OK. Take out my one qt zip lock bag containing 3 oz or less of each liquid (containers cheerfully provided for me at an inflated cost by corporations delighted to cash in on that new industry) you betcha? Remove my shoes because one time some stupid slob tried unsuccessfully to blow up his Keds? I silently seethe at Dick Cheney and his stupid terror campaign but feel good that I have at least left foot powder prints all over the floor.

This whole liquids scare was started by a Bush talking head on one of the Sunday morning shows where he speculated that maybe that much liquid could contain an explosive. You know, maybe. He was paid to think up those things, I'm sure. So now somebody is paid to think this up: Boobie Bombs.

How can cavity searches be far behind? What seems so silly to me is that with all the close-the-barn-door tactics we engage in, the huge money-maker that security is now (now including  the Chertoff Porno Scanners) why are we so narrowly focused on aircraft? Why not the myriad of other ways people could harm us on any city street? If you think we are safer with these procedures, how about being safe from the car or bus that might hit you tomorrow?

If you want to fly, you have to submit. Just stop telling yourself that these security procedures will buy you a few more days on this earth.

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