Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kickin' Tumbleweeds

Outside neighborhood bar
Bah, stupid day. I can't find it in The Pueblo Chiefly, but yesterday the state troopers and K-9 units were outside my front window chasing an errant motorist through the condos across the street. He entered a home, was fought off, ran down the street to another house, this one of a teacher returning to the school located behind me (unbeknownst to her, on lock-in due to the stranger at her door). He claimed he was out of breath due to an asthma attack and would she drive him to his house to get his inhaler?
And drive him home she did.
He wasn't there when the cops arrived, but stealing a motorcycle and running a crazy route up Beulah highway and back to the 'old' Wal-Mart where he ditched the bike and disappeared.

In other news, a Springs resident called the police force to report his car had been broken into and they would not come to investigate. Since the good citizens of Fort Focus on the Family Colorado Springs decided they didn't have to pay no stinking taxes, 50 policemen have been laid off, the parks go unattended and you can get a street light turned on for a certain fee. The police force has had to prioritize their visits and unless it's a burglary in progress you'll be cooling your jets. Of course our fine Springs resident repeated his programmed mantra, "What am I paying taxes for?". For nothing dumb ass, since decided you didn't need any damn services. Enjoy the $30 you got back due to the Tabor Amendment. Maybe you can put it towards a car alarm for your gas-sucking Ford Black USA!!!!USA!!! 8-door monster truck.

In other news: Republicons continue their push to make you work until you're 70 and then realize they took all your Social Security and gave it to the already wealthy. Let them eat cat food.

There was no concern on their part about the deficit during the Bush years. If we got out of Iraq we'd have all the money we need for S.S. and universal health care. What ever will get the population riled up and voting for them in November, against their own best interests.

Inside neighborhood bar

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