Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey parts, cream pie and Dutch Clark

Enjoying the after-after Thanksgiving Day and still nomming turkey and coconut cream pie in between getting ready for my business trip. preparing my training presentation on their new software and reading a required book. Big events here in Steel City this holiday season weekend - some high school football tournament at Dutch Clark stadium which is a Big Deal because high school fricking football is a Big Deal in a town of 100,000, and so is the stadium; and the Big Deal Christmas "Parade" of Big Lights which my husband insists is a Big Deal because it features at least one marching band but I imagine consists of no more than three floats and the guest appearances of a News First 5 weekend anchor and possibly the weatherman.

I wish I could pay more respect to the memory of Dutch Clark, but I can't remember what importance he played in the Home of the Heroes to get a stadium named after himself. A high school football coach would be the obvious guess. I assume he won The Big Game.

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